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The history and story

It all started with the idea of creating a soundtrack for the sunset...

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That's the idea which also gathered Carlos Andrea, José Les and Ramón Guiral, shaped by legendary architect Lluis Güell in Café del Mar, in Caló Des Moro bay, Sant Antoni de Portmany. 2oth june of 1980, a one true legend and brand starting, well worldwide known as the true bearer of the Eivissa spirit.

The first step into a journey which evolved with the creation of a brand new life & musical trend, boosted trough Dj live sessions & recordings of chill out, lounge, ambient, chill house and balearic beats selected tracks, which made Café del Mar became a very own musical genre, selling millions of records worldwide during the last decades.

A careful selection of food & drinks, exquisite music selection and the natural environment surrounding Caló Des Moro, owner of the most emblematic sunrise in the whole Mediterranean Sea: those are our distinguishing marks.

The history of Café del Mar continues with new episodes starring by you, as contributor of our values and enjoying all our purpose: the exclusive experience of a relaxing lifestyle.

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